Kellogg Decision

I won’t keep you guys waiting, I’ve been anxious to type this all day. I received a call from Dean Katie Smith today after lunch to let me know that I’ve been accepted into the Kellogg School of Management MBA Class of 2016!!!

Let ’em know Jose… let ’em know

After letting that bomb drop, she proceeded to change my life even more by letting me know that I would be getting a substantial scholarship package! I don’t have a .gif for how huge that is… we’re all going to have to use our imagination. If you have a good one for this occasion, leave it in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Kellogg Decision

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  2. Congrats on the acceptance! Word is it’s been a very competitive process at Kellogg this year.

    Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the time since your acceptance. If you’re interested in setting off your MBA with an unparalleled professional development experience: join us! Great opportunity to make an impact and claim achievements for which you’re solely responsible. We’d love to have you apply! (More information here:

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