GMAT Practice Exam #1

*I want to take a moment to say that my heart is heavy with sadness for the victims of the senseless violence that took place in Boston Monday. I pray for the families and friends of the victims and for the city of Boston that they may find some sort of peace in this most difficult time.*

A short post this time around just to recap my first GMAT Practice Exam., the folks who administer the GMAT itself, recently offered up a free GMATPrep Software Package that comes with 90 questions as well as 2 full length practice exams. It’s as close as you will get to a “test-day” replica. If you’re studying like i am, you should go and download this now.

I’m still early on in the GMAT prep process. I took a diagnostic about 2 months ago that told me about what I expected: that I’m strong in verbal and a little shaky in the quantitative section. I was studying pretty leisurely when the above-mentioned software came out. It couldn’t have come any sooner as it gave me something other to look at than the GMAT prep books I’ve been lugging around.

I found some time to sit and take a full practice and came out with a 640. While it’s not my goal (700 club minimum, 730 target, 750 reach), I could just feel during the practice the questions that I knew I would cream with a month’s dedicated practice. Sure enough after a week of targeting those pesky Data Sufficiency questions, I’m hitting them at about a 90% clip. They are almost (gasp) fun for me now. I find myself chuckling maniacally when the solution finally smacks me in the face and talking crap to the text book for trying to sneak one by me…

Erhm. Anyways. I’ve found that I’m a practice person when it comes to the quantitative section, and a theory person with the verbal section. I need to hammer out a repeatable approach to quant problems. In the verbal section, I’m much more fluent. I have a flow that results in some pretty elite score ranges so I don’t want to mess up whatever mojo it is that I have going there.

I certainly won’t be resting on my laurels. I know how important the GMAT will be for my application. I don’t boast the greatest undergraduate resume, so the GMAT is going to be a very important piece in proving to the adcoms that I have the mental chops for B-school.

My plan is to target my biggest return on investment spots over the next two weeks and then take another practice exam. From there, hopefully, I’ll be ready to dot some i’s, cross some t’s, and take the real thing.


3 thoughts on “GMAT Practice Exam #1

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  2. Not bad. I plan to take the GMAT in a month or 2… I am KILLING it on the verbal, but my quant score needs work. Which is surprising to me since my job is very quantitative… anyway I end up around 700 usually, so cant complain too much.

    check out my own experiences at

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